Simon Timothy Maynard

Embark on a visual journey guided by Simon Maynard, a distinguished photographer and session hairdresser with over 30 years of global expertise. Simon’s artistic brilliance is evident in collaborations with industry leaders like Guido Paulo and Nicky Clarke. His portfolio includes global campaigns for P&G brands, luxury products like GHD and L’Oréal, and editorial features in prestigious publications worldwide.

Beyond the lens, Simon is renowned for his exceptional cutting, style, and versatility in hairstyling. Titles like ‘HAIRDRESSERS HAIRDRESSER’ attest to his expertise. Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Naomi Campbell grace his impressive hairstyling portfolio. Simon’s down-to-earth approach and accessible styling make him a favorite globally.

Simon’s creative prowess extends to collaborations with directors and brands, contributing to fashion shows, commercials, and music videos. Now, Simon brings his decades of photography and hairstyling experience to his own studio, STM. Here, he offers the pinnacle of visual and hairstyling excellence under one roof.

Step into the world of STM Studio, where glamour meets legacy, and redefine your style with Simon Maynard’s transformative expertise. Call now to book an appointment and experience the extraordinary at STM Studio.

As a cutting-edge hairstylist, Simon is renowned for his real, accessible, and achievable approach to hair, making him the first choice for those seeking not just a service but an extraordinary experience.

With an impeccable eye honed from decades spent alongside photographers like David Bailey, Simon translates his technical skills and artistic vision into visually striking imagery that bears his signature style.

Now, Simon brings his decades of working alongside the best in photography, advertising, editorials, and film to his own studio, STM. Here, he offers “the pinnacle of hair and image excellence under one roof.

Simon created STM Studio as a space to fuse his renowned expertise into personalized service. “The man for majestic hair and magical photography,” STM is where glamour meets legacy.

Call Simon Maynard to embark on a transformative journey with STM Studio, where every appointment is an opportunity to redefine your style.